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Radiant Heating Design and Equipment for the Greater Kansas City Area and Wichita

J.M. O’Connor offers several services to aid those who are interested in or planning to install a radiant heating system, both in residential and commercial applications.

  • Equipment:  We carry all the equipment required for installation of a radiant heat system, from the pex piping and Taco circulators all the way through boilers and underslab insulation.  This equipment is always in stock, so you will not have a long lead time to get everything you need for your system.
  • System Design:  J.M. O’Connor can aid you with the design of your radiant heating system.  If you choose to purchase your radiant heating equipment from us, we will provide a piping layout, heat load calculation, equipment selection, and more.

  • Budgeting:  So you know what you are getting into before you start, we can give you a reliable estimate of the equipment cost for your entire system.   Finally, we can refer you to reliable and highly rated installation contractors in your area to perform the installation.

Interested in radiant heating? Call us at 913-438-7867 or contact us HERE.

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